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Hello All,

The Center’s most important accomplishment this year: we kept kids safe. With your help, we worked every day with families and other individuals and organizations to care for our community’s children in afterschool hours.

While they are safely with us, thanks to you and other donors, they participated in all our free daily programs: nutritious snacks and meals, homework help, our computer program, our early literacy program, sports, games, arts and crafts, science and engineering activities, cooking, music, and community service. Our staff are constantly watching the children, leading their activities, helping them learn to treat each other well, and keeping them happily active.



thousand Balls Thrown

In 2018 so far, by rough estimates, children have thrown over 300,000 balls in our gymnasium.



Thousand blocks placed

In 2018 so far, by rough estimates, children have placed over 400,000 blocks in Minecraft in our computer lab.



Thousand Paint Spills

In 2018 so far, by rough estimates, children have spilled paint over 10,000 times in our maker space.


Just last week, two children we’d never met came in the building at dinnertime. I asked them what they needed, and they said, “We’re hungry.” I said, “Come right in- Brandy will fix you a plate.” Just a couple of days later, a girl waiting for a bus came in and asked, “Can I get warm?” Again, I said, “Come right in.” Please help us to keep inviting children and teens to “Come right in,” as we have for 43 years.

So far this year, we served over 400 individual children with an overall attendance of over 13,000. We did it with the assistance of many organizations and individuals like you.


Please continue to help. You can donate by mail, or right here on our website.


With gratitude for your kind support,


Cathleen Deery, Director

Board of Directors:
Paul Barton, President
Mike Ferraro,Vice President
John Polcyn, Treasurer
Sara Lattin
Kim Baldwin
Steve Lincoln
Carolyn Robinson
Erica Miller